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VIDEO: AircraftCaddy – The Quick & Easy Aircraft Tow Solution

By July 19, 2021No Comments

Our line of AircraftCaddy Aircraft Tug solutions allow for faster and easier maneuverability of your personal aircraft. Quickly and seamlessly move your aircraft in, out and around tightly stacked hangars. Enjoy your travels and get to your destination faster.

DJ Products has solutions for all types of aircraft – from 3,000 up to 35,000 lbs. Whether your plane has wheel pants, is dual-nosed or single-nosed, we have an aircraft tug for your airplane.  All of our AircraftCaddy solutions are customizable to ensure they fit your airplane.

Why Choose the AircraftCaddy?
  • All units are battery-powered for smooth and quiet operation
  • Cost-effective and virtually maintenance free
  • Zero emission eco-friendly solution
  • Maneuverable indoors or outdoors on a variety of terrain
  • Solutions for all aircraft types (with or without wheel pants, dual or single nose wheel, weights up to 35K lbs.)
Interested in more information about the AircraftCaddy? Contact us and a sales engineer will be in touch shortly!