Video: AircraftCaddy – The Quick & Easy Aircraft Mover

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Our AircraftCaddy solutions are ideal for moving aircraft of all types and sizes, whether your airplane is 3,000 or 34,000 lbs.

Why is the AircraftCaddy a better alternative to a gas-powered airplane tug?

  • All units are battery-powered for smooth operation unlike a jerky and costly gas-operated tug
  • The AircraftCaddy can be plugged into any standard outlet and charged before its next use; no need for gasoline
  • Units are virtually maintenance-free and perform well indoor or outdoor – even on snow, ice, rain or sleet

Consider an AircraftCaddy to make the job of moving your airplane in, out and around the hangar quick and easy, so you can spend more time traveling.

Watch the video below to see our customers operating our various AircraftCaddy solutions. For more information, contact a sales engineer at 1-800-686-2651 or via Chat.

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