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Unique Situations Require Unique Equipment

By March 22, 2022No Comments
While the caddy is approved as DoD contract equipment., Unique Situations Require Unique Equipment

The BombCaddy, Dangerous Material Handler.

Transporting explosives and other dangerous materials requires an even greater degree of caution. In addition to the physical exertion required by employees, there’s a heightened safety risk to your staff along with any bystanders.

Unique situations such as these call for unique equipment. The Bomb Caddy from DJ Products lets you move explosives, machinery, and other cumbersome materials safely and effectively.

Remove Dangerous Materials Without Incident

Airports are some of the more high-profile locations in the country, with thousands of people passing in and out daily. Our caddy was originally designed to safely remove explosives from airport screening areas, which are densely packed with people.

What makes the Bomb Caddy so effective? A remote control option allows the operator to navigate the unit through confined areas and around tight corners, all while keeping a safe distance.

Once the materials have been transported outdoors, the operator lowers the high-speed bogie wheels. The cart may then be quickly connected to a riding tug so it can be towed to a detonation location.

From Airports to Warehouses

While the caddy is approved as DoD contract equipment, its versatility can be adapted to a number of applications. Thanks to the dual mode feature, the caddy can transport up to 5,000 pounds of equipment across long distances such as runways or through factories, warehouses and hangars.

And that’s not all. Here are a few of the other first-class features and benefits of the Bomb Caddy:
  • Employs manual, wireless or pendant-controlled steering.


  • Travels at speeds of up to 2 MPH on its own or up to 40 MPH when being towed.


  • Smooth, self-propelled movement reduces possibility of herky-jerky motions that could disturb the materials being transported.


  • Only a single operator is needed, freeing employees up to perform other duties. Overall productivity is also improved, as the ease of operation cuts down on strained muscles and joints that lead to workplace injuries.


DJ Products: The Leader in Material Handling Solutions

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