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Trailer Caddy Testimonials – Our Customers Weigh In on Our Motorized Trailer Dolly

trailer dolly, Trailer Caddy Testimonials – Our Customers Weigh In on Our Motorized Trailer Dolly

The Motorized Trailer Dolly Improves Efficiency

When you need a reliable way to pull or push trailers, vehicles, or other heavy loads around, a motorized trailer dolly offers the ideal solution. DJ Products has a wide range of these dollies available for use in multiple industries and settings. Here’s what some of our customers have had to say about our products in testimonials.

Sony Pictures

The famous movie studio was relying on tractors to move equipment and other oversized items and heavy loads around sets. The company needed a motorized trailer dolly and gave the TrailerCaddy a try to help make this more efficient. Sony Pictures now relies on this motorized trailer dolly to move trailers and equipment around sets much more easily.

Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office

The water patrol unit at the sheriff’s office in St. Paul needed a better way to move trailers, boats, and other equipment around. They turned to DJ Products for help and started using the TrailerCaddy. The office appreciates that the trailer dolly’s battery power lasts for several hours before needing to be recharged. This has allowed them to move boats and other equipment around when needed.

Trac Intermodal

Trac Intermodal relies on the TrailerCaddy to move equipment around its warehouse. Prior to using this motorized dolly, the company was depending on a 2-axle truck. This ended up costing a significant amount for fuel. Trac Intermodal has been able to save money using the motorized trailer dolly. The company likes that this solution is also reducing wear and tear on the 2-axle truck.

Explore RV

This RV company needed a good solution for moving heavy RVs around its lot, while lowering the risk of injuries to workers. DJ Products was able to help with the TrailerCaddy. The company has been able to use this electric-powered, motorized trailer dolly to move all sizes of RVs around without a high risk of accidents and injuries. Explore RV also loves how much more efficient the TrailerCaddy is, allowing employees to move RVs from one spot to another in shorter amounts of time.

Looking for a trailer dolly for your business? Contact DJ Products, and we’ll help you find the best solution for moving heavy loads, trailers or vehicles around.