Tips to Protect Your Warehouse Employees and Boost Performance

Tips to Protect Your Warehouse Employees and Boost Performance

All warehouse managers strive to optimize productivity, but unfortunately some let good safety practices fall to the wayside in pursuit of their goal. Our industrial tugs are one way to increase efficiency without sacrificing safety.

Don’t let costly injuries offset valuable productivity gains in your warehouse. Use these expert tips to help employees be more effective while avoiding common risks of workplace injury.

Conduct Ongoing Safety Training

Regular safety training enables proper procedures to become second nature with employees and demonstrates your commitment to a culture of workplace safety. Include training as part of the onboarding process and hold periodic refresher courses. Test managers and supervisors to make sure they’re setting a good example.

Post Instructions for Safety and Emergency Procedures

Reinforce safety training by posting checklists and visual aids in prominent places around the workplace. Topics can include:

– How to handle hazardous materials

– Recommended lifting techniques

– Machine and equipment operating instructions

Provide Quality Personal Protective Equipment

Have appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand and readily available. Establish an inspection schedule and immediately replace any PPE that shows signs of wear and tear.

Invest in Safety Amenities

Supplement PPE use with warehouse features and add-ons that contribute to a safe environment. Industrial tugs, generous lighting, guard rails and ergonomic workstations are just some of the extras that can be easily incorporated in a warehouse for maximum results.

Perform Safety Audits

Create daily, weekly and monthly checklists of items and details to be inspected and verified.

Combine Safety and Productivity with Industrial Tugs

At DJ Products, warehouse safety and efficiency is our main concern. Call 800.686.2651 and let our cheerful sales engineers explain why eco-friendly industrial tugs like our best-selling CartCaddyShorty are the solution to your specific needs.