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How Can You Add Value to Your Supply Chain Clients?

By October 28, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, How Can You Add Value to Your Supply Chain Clients?

Adding Value to Your Supply Chain Clients

Customer satisfaction is key to retention, and value-added logistics services can give your company a competitive advantage.

What Value-Added Services Could Help You Retain Customers?
Value-added services have moved far beyond rainbow pallets and shrink wrap. Consider these ideas that you can put to use in your current operations:

Expanded Offerings

From custom gift baskets to creating twin packs, expand buying choices to increase sales and clientele.

Shelf-Ready Options

Price, tag, and display the customer’s way to a more streamlined stocking experience.


From embroidered apparel logos to custom smartphone covers, personalization is a hot trend.

More Efficient Inventory Management

Customized products = fewer SKUs = reduced inventory carrying/management costs.

Reduced Suppliers

Could your suppliers offer you more value-added services as well? This could reduce unnecessary suppliers and streamline your supply chain.

Reduced Labor

Automated solutions and value-added services reduce downtime and the number of ‘touches’ necessary to pack and ship, ultimately saving on labor.

Yard Trucks

Shipping times lagging? Product and equipment damage costing you dearly? Yard trucks can help, making the movements of trailers and cargo easier and preventing damage.

Transportation Management

The closer packaging/manufacturing/distribution/shipping destinations are to one another, the more cost-effectively you can manage transportation.

Continuous Improvement

Teaming up with a third party logistics company can help you analyze and streamline your current processes, from purchasing and packaging, to value-added services and delivery. Where might your processes benefit from reengineering?


Partnering with third party logistics companies could prove a valuable friendship, providing the flexibility to meet the needs of seasonal fluctuations, business growth, and more.

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