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Tips on Managing Your Warehouse Work Force

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Managing Your Warehouse Workforce

Managing Your Warehouse Workforce

Managing material handling equipment involves not much more than following an established maintenance schedule. When it comes to managing your warehouse work force and operations, a wide range of variables comes into play.

Use these tips to keep your work force and operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Managing Employees

– Keep lines of communication open in both directions. Encourage employees to share questions or concerns freely so they can be addressed immediately, before they become more serious problems.

– Establish an effective training program for new hires. Both productivity and worker retention benefit when employees are confident in their job. Implement ongoing training and cross-training as needed.

– Conduct performance reviews on a regular basis. Reward outstanding performance and give employees a chance to improve their weaknesses.

– Success and failure are contagious. Don’t allow negative attitudes to get a foothold in the workplace. Let an employee go if he or she consistently demonstrates negative behavior.

Managing Operations

– Prioritize safety in your company’s culture. Keep all areas clean, organized and well-lit. Enforce safety regulations and post them in visible places throughout the warehouse.

Order-picking is the most labor-intensive job in many warehouses. Review the process and solicit input from employees about making it more efficient.

– Meet with key staff members on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss new ideas, questions and problems.

– Successful companies embrace change. Don’t be afraid to implement new processes or material handling equipment when and where improvement is needed.

Material Handling Equipment for Today’s Warehouses

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