Tips for Keeping Your Semi Truck Fleet in Top Shape

Tips for Keeping Your Semi Truck Fleet in Top Shape

When trucks aren’t working, your company pays a heavy price in lost productivity and increased expenses. Keep your semi truck fleet in top operating shape by using a semi trailer mover and following these standard maintenance tips.

Semi Truck Fleet Maintenance Checklist

– Check oil levels regularly, especially before the start of long-haul jobs. Lack of oil can trigger extensive damage in the truck’s engine, which is expensive to repair or replace.

– Check the radiator and its overflow bottle. Top off radiator fluid as needed and repair small leaks immediately. It’s no fun getting stopped dead in your tracks thanks to an overheated engine.

– Tires with low pressure can reduce fuel mileage and interfere with steering, while over-inflated tires are vulnerable to punctures and damage from road debris. Check tire pressure weekly, and more often during times of weather changes or extensive highway driving.

– If your trucks have dual fuel tanks, parking sideways on a hill causes fuel to run into the lower tank. Once the engine is started, the fuel uptake system will pull in air instead of fuel. Make it a practice to park front to back rather than side to side on slopes.

– When trucks sit idle for a period of time, insects can build nests that block the fuel vent. Be sure to check the vents on any trucks that haven’t been moved in a few days.

– Have the brakes checked frequently to address problems before they go too far.

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