Should You Be Tracking Your Semi Trailers by GPS?

Should You Be Tracking Your Semi Trailers by GPS?

Innovative products and new developments in technology can improve efficiency in your trucking business. GPS tracking of your semi trailers can be a valuable tool for your fleet managers. Motorized trailer dollies from DJ Products maximize manpower while preventing injuries and damage to property. If you don’t currently use GPS on your trailers, consider these benefits of 24/7 asset tracking.

Different trackers for different needs

There are GPS devices available at affordable prices for every size of company and for every type of trailer in use. You have the option of advanced systems that constantly monitor speed, location, and can allow managers to label which trailers are full and which are empty using color codes. You can also opt for lower cost systems that simply help monitor trailer locations.

Very affordable to operate and maintain

GPS tracking units use low-voltage, internal batteries that operate for long periods of time without needing recharges. They can also alert fleet managers when their power is disconnected. This is just one of the many ways GPS trackers help prevent loss due to theft.

Easier to compile driver and cargo data

The electronic logging device (ELD) rule went into effect in December 2017 and applies to logging devices for truck activities. Currently, there are no requirements for cargo and trailers. However, with GPS tracking on trailers, fleet managers can easily monitor driver activity and track deliveries in real time.

At DJ Products, we specialize in providing affordable, energy-efficient, user-friendly solutions that help businesses just like yours operate more profitably and safely. Our motorized trailer dollies make it possible for one person to easily move trailers weighing up to 100,000 lbs; no CDL or health card required. Contact one of our sales engineers for more information.