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Should You Consider Cloud Services for Logistics Management?

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Should You Consider Cloud Services for Logistics Management?

Should You Consider Cloud Services for Logistics Management?

Still using local software for logistics management? Cloud-based services have taken hold in this industry like so many others. Perhaps you like your current solution and live by the motto, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” On the other hand, sitting still can be dangerous. Logistics in the cloud can be more efficient and scalable—and perhaps surprisingly, also more secure.

Cloud services help you know exactly where your inventory is and where it needs to be. As the makers of TrailerCaddy yard dog trucks, we know how much agility and safety matter at a warehouse or distribution center and how they can benefit your bottom line. Terminal tractors keep each trailer positioned exactly where it needs to be.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics Management

The experts at Inbound Logistics recently offered a rundown of why warehouse and transportation firms should be using cloud-based WMS or TMS for logistics:

– Reduced IT costs

– Scalable for growth or seasonal fluctuation

– Enhanced data security (more redundancy)

– Business continuity and backup disaster recovery

– Internet of Things for labels, tags, sensors, etc.

In practical terms, moving to the cloud means your data is always backed up. Services have a predictable monthly cost and software updates occur automatically. When technology changes, your cloud services provider will already be a step ahead. Cloud storage is a great way to improve distribution efficiency.

DJ Products Electric Yard Dog Trucks

What happens on the ground matters as much as what’s in the cloud. Our TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractors are high-performance, low-cost yard dog trucks that don’t require a CDL driver. Move any trailer up to 100,000 pounds with tight maneuvering and better safety.

Ask DJ Products how our yard dog trucks can improve logistics and supply chain management.

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