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Tips for Improving Warehouse Picking Accuracy

By August 6, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Tips for Improving Warehouse Picking Accuracy

Tips for Improving Warehouse Picking Accuracy

Thanks to the Internet, today’s customers are savvier than ever. As a result, they have increasingly higher expectations for their buying experience. Top-of-the-line warehouse equipment helps improve productivity, but your employees are the key to greater efficiency.

Order picking is a time-consuming but vital part of warehouse operations. Experts offer the following tips to boost accuracy without sacrificing time.

Set Goals and Track Results

Employees can better focus their efforts when they know what’s expected. Set accuracy goals and track them faithfully so you can pinpoint and address problems before they grow out of hand.

Review the Process from Beginning to End

A problem at any stage of order picking creates a ripple effect that affects the entire process. Carefully review each step to identify any roadblocks.

Count, Recount and Count Again

Even the most effective order pickers make mistakes. As often as possible, count before and after picking, and have shippers and packers reconfirm counts. The time spent is more than offset by savings in returns, accurate inventory data and customer satisfaction.

Embrace Automation Wherever Possible

Automated warehouse solutions have become the norm rather than the exception. You may think you can’t afford to modernize your systems, but you’re even less able to afford losing customers to tech-friendly competitors.

Reduce Walking and Worker Fatigue

Walking adds time to order picking and causes workers to tire, resulting in a slower pace. Optimize product slotting and incorporate solutions such as carton flow racks to reduce travel time.

Conserve Manpower with Warehouse Equipment from DJ Products

Do you lose valuable manpower hours having to assign multiple employees to physical tasks? With our eco-friendly tugs, pushers and movers, a single worker can move loads weighing thousands of pounds.

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