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Should You Relax Your Warehouse Staff Drug Testing Policies?

By August 6, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
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Should You Relax Your Warehouse Staff Drug Testing Policies?

For several decades, pre-employment drug testing has been standard procedure in a wide range of industries. It’s been especially important in supply chain and logistics, with its use of warehouse equipment that requires clear minds and steady hands to operate.

During the last few years, some companies have begun limiting drug tests or eliminating them altogether. Is it time for you to consider relaxing your drug testing policies?

New Perspectives on Drug Use

In the big picture, attitudes toward drugs have been changing throughout the country. As of 2018, marijuana is legal in nine states as well as Washington, DC, giving more than 20 percent of adults the freedom to smoke it.

What’s more relevant for the supply chain and logistics industry is the tight labor market that’s further constricted by drug testing. According to a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve last year, inability of applicants to pass a drug test was included as one of the major obstacles to finding qualified candidates.

Does Recreational Drug Use Matter?

This claim is backed up by the fact that the number of failed drug tests reached a historic level in 2017. Experts predict that totals will continue to rise with the spread of state-legalized marijuana.

Some companies are adopting the attitude that what employees do on their personal time is irrelevant. Relaxed drug testing policies also allow companies to hire the best candidate for the job instead of issuing blanket rejections based on recreational drug use.

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