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Tips to Cool Down Your Overheated Warehouse in August

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How to Get Cool in August

How to Get Cool in August

Some cultures have the traditional siesta to cope with the dog days of summer, but companies don’t have that luxury. How do you keep the heat from affecting your employees, warehouse equipment and inventory?

Use these helpful tips to keep your warehouse cool and you’ll have it made in the shade.

Monitor Warehouse Temperature

Cooling a warehouse is much different than cooling an office building.

– Ensure that the building is sufficiently insulated.

– Supplement air conditioning with ceiling or industrial fans if necessary.

– Shut off any machinery that’s not in use.

Use Appropriate Supplies

Thermal labels and other warehouse supplies can malfunction during times of extreme heat. Review the supplies used in your warehouse to determine where alternative products are required.

Maintain Proper Inventory Control

Avoid carrying excess inventory, which increases the chances of spoilage. Even if products are not heat-sensitive, too much stock can prevent optimum airflow within the warehouse.

Invest in Dehumidifiers

Moisture in the air makes it heavier, which raises the perceived heat levels. Dehumidifiers remove moisture and make air conditioning more efficient.

Keep Doors and Exits Closed

When doors and gates are constantly opening, it lets cold air out and hot air in. Consider installing curtains or strip doors on exits that are used frequently.

Prevent Heat Exhaustion

High temperatures can lead to negative effects ranging from low morale to heat stroke. Provide frequent breaks and plenty of water so workers can stay cool and hydrated, and educate employees on the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Beat the Heat with Warehouse Equipment from DJ Products

Moving heavy loads in excess heat increases the chance of workplace injuries. Visit our website to learn how our electric warehouse equipment increases productivity, even during hot weather, while reducing injury risk.

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