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Tips for Bringing Seasonal Workers Up to Speed Fast

By December 24, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Tips for Bringing Seasonal Workers Up to Speed Fast

Get New Employees up to Speed so they Can Do an Excellent Job

Our safe and efficient electric tugger carts are easy to use, but training seasonal workers involves a number of activities and concepts that are much more involved. Time is of the essence during the limited holiday season, further complicating matters.

Seasonal workers should improve, not hinder, productivity. Use these helpful guidelines to optimize training for temporary employees and get them up to speed quickly.

Before Hiring

– Document job requirements and duties for all positions so you know what to prioritize in applicants.

– Even though they’re around for a short time, temporary employees can disrupt the teamwork and camaraderie of permanent staff. Screen candidates carefully to make sure they fit both the job and the company culture.


– Have specific yardsticks to measure success. Communicate this during training and schedule follow-up checkpoint meetings to see how employees are progressing.

– Include training on company culture to help workers see where they fit in while internalizing your mission and goals.

– Experienced employees should participate in the training process and serve as mentors to the new hires.

– Whether it’s by observation or hands-on, tailor training to a worker’s preferred learning style as much as possible.

On the Job

– Training doesn’t end once a new hire walks onto the warehouse floor. Set goals, recognize achievements and maintain open communication.

– Give interactive feedback. Ask employees how they would handle a particular problem, then explain to them what works and what doesn’t. This approach empowers workers to think for themselves.

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