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The RiderCaddy is Fit For Your Warehouse Needs

By August 16, 2022No Comments
The RiderCaddy motorized tug can increase overall productivity., The RiderCaddy is Fit For Your Warehouse Needs


How much time could your employees save if they didn’t have to manually lug materials from one end of the warehouse to the other? Boost productivity and reduce risk of workplace injury with the RiderCaddy, one of the comprehensive line of movers and tugs from DJ Products.

Time Is Money

Even relatively small warehouses cover a sizable amount of square footage. When heavy carts have to be moved around, it takes time away from more important tasks. Multiply that by the number of people required, and you end up with a significant drain on productivity.

With speeds of up to five miles per hour, the RiderCaddy makes quick work of transporting materials from one spot to another. In addition, our battery-powered mover can be easily operated by a single person, which frees up other employees to handle crucial duties.

Improve Workplace Safety

Serious, non-fatal workplace injuries constitute upwards of $60 billion per year in workers compensation claims. According to a study by Liberty Mutual, overexertion is the leading cause of workplace injuries.

Pushing and pulling heavy carts puts undue stress on muscles and joints. Even without a specific injury, this excessive strain can cause wear and tear that results in chronic pain.

With the RiderCaddy, a person can easily move up to 10,000 pounds quickly and efficiently. There’s even a convenient platform that allows the operator to sit or stand while using the mover. The RiderCaddy’s compact size also provides great maneuverability through narrow passages and around corners, reducing the possibility of injuring extremities.

Top Features of the RiderCaddy
  • The three-battery, 36-volt power source is eco-friendly, with a single charge lasting approximately 16 hours. Recharge simply by plugging the mover into a standard 120/220 Hz outlet.
  • The ergonomically-designed variable speed thumb twist prevents carpal tunnel syndrome while allowing for smooth operation.
  • The safety stop switch brings the RiderCaddy to an immediate halt to lower the risk of accidents.


Choose Movers and Tugs from DJ Products

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