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Harness the Power of Electric to Move Your Compactors

By August 2, 2022No Comments
Using the RollOffCaddy Container Mover can help improve safety in the workplace., Harness the Power of Electric to Move Your Compactors


Moving dumpsters or compactors from one area to another comes with a risk of injuries when it’s not done safely. These heavy containers can also be time-consuming and difficult to move around in tight spaces. Using dumpster movers from DJ Products, such as the RollOffCaddy Container Mover, provides an efficient and safe way to move these around.

Move Heavy Dumpsters Easily

The RollOffCaddy Container Mover offers a convenient way to pull, or push roll off or self-contained dumpsters or compactors that weigh up to 50,000 pounds and lift up to 20,000 pounds. These dumpster movers run on either a 36 volt 3-battery system or 48 volt 4-battery system. Using these movers allows workers to move dumpsters with speeds between 0 and 2 mph in forward or reverse, even in tight spaces. These movers also work well on snowy and ice terrain and on inclines.

Gain Important Benefits

Using the RollOffCaddy Container Mover can help improve safety in the workplace, which helps prevent worker injuries. In addition to protecting your employees, this can reduce workers compensation claims and insurance premiums for your company. Using this dumpster mover can also double efficiency in your company’s trash room. You can use these movers to store containers indoors during severe weather, then easily move them outdoors for trash pickup.

Choose from Different Options

The RollOffCaddy Container Mover is available in different models. Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose the 6K lift with 36-volt batteries or 48-volt batteries, the 15k lift with 36 volt or 48-volt batteries, or the 23k lift with 48-volt batteries. The standard features for these different models vary. Some include a 6 hp motor.differential transaxle, while others have a 3 hp motor/differential transaxle. All models come with a heavy-duty steel frame for durability, as well as drive tires, neutral throttle braking, and high-tech speed controller. Safety features on these movers include a safety horn, safety stop switch, and more.

For more information on our dumpster movers, please contact DJ Products. We can provide you with additional details on the RollOffCaddy Container Mover.