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The Cost of Workplace Injuries Surpass $250 Billion

, The Cost of Workplace Injuries Surpass $250 Billion

Workplace Injury Prevention

While Amazon’s rising warehouse injury rates may be grabbing the headlines, it’s hardly an isolated problem. Here are some sobering statistics about the industry-wide issue, along with tips for using our Trailer Dolly and other methods to reduce injury risk.

The High Cost of Workplace Injuries

According to Economic Policy Institute, a non-profit think tank, workers at U.S. companies incur an average of 23,000 on-the-job injuries each day. That adds up to 8.5 million injuries per year at a cost of more than $250 billion.

As a result, many companies are investing heavily to make warehouses a safer place to work. But where should these funds be directed? Here are suggestions for targeted steps to improve working conditions and promote safety awareness.

Creating a Safer Warehouse
1. Use accurate data collection methods.

Are you still relying on manual documentation? Incorporate the Internet of things (IoT) and warehouse management systems (WMS) that allow for accurate data that’s connected across a number of platforms.

2. Develop effective training programs and best practices.

Over the last couple of years, labor shortages have forced several companies to put new hires to work with little or no training. Institute a comprehensive training program and make sure workers demonstrate a certain level of competency before letting them work independently.

Other techniques include:

    • Analyzing data to determine where maximum efficiency intersects with minimum injury risk
    • Supply workers with wearable tech that can alert them to potentially unsafe situations, such as proximity to harmful substances or incorrect lifting postures
    • Make safety part of your company culture and encourage workers to report injuries promptly, without fear of negative consequences


3. Make proper use of automation and infrastructure.

Sometimes, potential gains through use of automation can actually be offset by increased risk of injury. When workers need fewer motions to complete a task, they can become more prone to musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains and back pains. Invest in tools like our Trailer Dolly, which is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive motion and overexertion injuries.

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