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Prevent Potential Waste Bin Cover Injuries

By January 14, 2019March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Prevent Potential Waste Bin Cover Injuries

Dumpsters Can Be Dangerous

Waste handling poses several obvious risks, especially in regards to hazardous materials and the physical injuries associated with pushing or pulling heavy dumpsters. Your staff should also be aware of dumpster safety tips for operating the bin cover or lid.

Ideally, maintenance staff should use a motorized dumpster pusher to prevent muscle strains and back injuries. For loading and unloading, it’s important to use a reasonably clean lid that’s in good working order.

Dumpster injury hazards to address include:

– Tipping hazards: Never move a dumpster or waste bin with the lid open. The lid can crush or cut the hands, or even cause a lightweight container to tip over backwards. This garbage can injury story details the potential for lacerations, nerve injury, and worse.

– Keep out unwanted people and pests: Use padlocks to deter dumpster divers, unauthorized access, and raccoons or other vermin. If locks aren’t a good option, make sure to use tight-fitting lids and replace broken lids.

– Best practices for waste bins: Workers should avoid throwing the lid open wildly. Check to make sure no one is standing behind, and use a step stool if you’re too short to safely open the lid.

Most importantly, never rely on the safety labels to teach employees how to handle waste bins. Conduct safety meetings regularly, post large signs as reminders, and use tools like our automated dumpster pusher to alleviate the heavy strain.

If your team needs to move dumpsters or waste bins around the property, request a demo of the WasteCaddy dumpster pusher from DJ Products, the industry leaders in ergonomic safety equipment.

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