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Planning Your First Warehouse Staff Holiday Party? How to Make it Memorable

By November 25, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Planning Your First Warehouse Staff Holiday Party? How to Make it Memorable

Social Gatherings Can Set the Tone for Your Office, Make Sure It’s a Good One!

The holidays are a time to put away material handling equipment for a while and celebrate with your warehouse employees. Staff holiday parties are a great way to help employees bond and show your appreciation for their hard work.

Company parties involve different considerations than strictly social events. If you’re planning your first warehouse staff party, here are some useful tips to make it a festive holiday event for all.

Tips for Planning a Warehouse Staff Holiday Party

– It’s impossible to choose a date that will accommodate everyone. Conduct a survey offering three or four options and select the one that receives the majority of votes.

– Set a budget and allocate funds based on the priority of different elements. For example, you might spend 50 percent on entertainment, 35 percent on food and 15 percent on decorations.

– Decide what type of party you will hold. Do you want formal, casual, themed, activity-based? Make sure that whatever style you settle on is inclusive of all attendees.

– Possible venues include workplace, off-site facility or private home. The budget will be the primary deciding factor.

– Food can range from appetizers or pot luck to buffet or sit-down dinner. Don’t forget to ask guests about allergies beforehand and include vegetarian dishes for non-meat eaters.

– If alcohol will be served, don’t take any chances with drinking and driving. Hire a bus or other private transportation, provide credits for ride-share services or have sign-up sheets for carpools with designated drivers.

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