Work Smarter, Not Harder. Get a Dumpster Caddy Today!

Work Smarter, Not Harder. Get a Dumpster Caddy Today!

When trash day rolls around, do your employees struggle to maneuver the dumpster to the designated pick-up area? Our battery-powered dumpster mover lets a single worker easily handle the job with reduced risk of injury.

Our dumpster tow device is so effective that it was featured in an article for American City and County, a magazine for state and local government officials. Here’s what they had to say about the WasteCaddy from DJ Products.

Battling the High Costs of Trash Room Injuries

Fully-loaded trash dumpsters can weigh thousands of pounds. Manually moving these loads can result in serious back and shoulder injuries, causing expensive medical claims and costly loss of productivity.

Benefits of the WasteCaddy

With our WasteCaddy, a single employee can maneuver dumpsters weighing up to 5,000 pounds up and down inclines, around tight corners and through narrow hallways. If your business or organization is located in a cold-weather area, the WasteCaddy works through snow and ice as well.

The unit’s 36-volt, three-battery system is recharged with a charger that uses 120/220-volt outlets. Ergonomically-designed features such as the variable-speed twist grip help prevent common repetitive-motion injuries that can have chronic long-term effects.

WasteCaddy Works for All Applications

American City and County serves state and local governments, but our dumpster mover is appropriate for any business or organization that produces trash. The WasteCaddy is used in facilities as varied as warehouses, office buildings, multi-family housing units and retail complexes.

Which Dumpster Mover Is Right for You?

DJ Products offers a number of dumpster tows with a wide range of standard and optional features. Visit our website and use the convenient online chat feature to learn which dumpster mover is the best solution for your specific needs.