Most businesses have a dumpster on-site, many of which are pushed, pulled and otherwise manhandled without the help of a waste caddy. Far from the innocuous trash compartments we take for granted, they hold a deadly secret: These bland-looking boxes take the lives and limbs of many office workers annually – and that’s without getting into those who specialize in waste collection.

Not Just a Dirty Job, a Deadly One
Garbage collection comes in at #7 on the list of deadliest jobs, according to the 2009 Bureau of Labor statistics, robbing 25 lives for every 100,000 full time workers. Think because your office staff handles this job on rare occasions that they’re immune? Think again. Based on OSHA reports, dumpster accidents are frequent and serious.

Dumpsters and Trash Compactors Involve Many Overlooked Hazards
Every year, employees are pinned, crushed, punctured, suffer limb amputation, are exposed to chemicals and bacteria, trip and fall, and are even take calls when dealing with dumpsters and trash compactors. Worse, employers overlook these risks, assuming dealing with dumpsters and trash is common sense, and sending employees to deal with the dangers without proper instruction and safety equipment.

Dumpster Safety is Detrimental
It’s important to be aware of hazards and work cautiously around dumpsters and compactors:

– Keep the area free of clutter.
– Never move items within a dumpster with hands/feet, or climb into a dumpster.
– Don’t dispose of hazardous waste in solid waste containers.
– Use caution when opening/closing the lid, noting pinch points and carefully placing hands. Be especially careful on windy days.
– Learn the essential ergonomics of moving dumpsters, or ensure safety with a waste caddy.

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