Yard Trucks Can Lighten Loads for Drivers and Staff

Yard Trucks Can Lighten Loads for Drivers and Staff

Tired truckers are a huge problem. One that log books seek to prevent. However, like traffic rule books handed out to green drivers pre-licensure, log books are only as effective as those who follow their tenets. Luckily, CDL drivers can learn how to manage sleep without relying on them.

Get to Know Contributing Factors
Lack of oxygen, bright lights, noise and stress can all fuel fatigue, reducing the capacity to remain alert. While stress is tougher to tackle, oxygen is obvious and easy to address. Cool, fresh air is a fantastic fatigue-buster.

Monotonous, loud noise also has a prolonged fatiguing effect, making tasks difficult to perform. Luckily there’s fantastic tech these days, capable of providing both ear protection and entertainment.

Bright lights can seriously disrupt your concentration at night. Dim those interior lights and look at the fog line – and away from oncoming traffic.

Other Strategies for Managing Fatigue
From navigating yard trucks to planning a long-haul freight route, route planning will quickly show itself an ideal way to combat fatigue: Mapping routes and planning stops for rest in advance assures adequate down time, robbing your ego of “I’ll just try to make the next stop” syndrome and the dreaded ‘full’ rest stop.

Exercise tips from “Trucker Fitness” also don’t disappoint, helping you boost fatigue-busting endorphins and improving sleep quality. You cannot bank good sleep. Avoiding sleep debt/lousy rests actually safeguards sleep quality on-the-road. For those with the means, investing in a more comfortable sleeper unit can net amazing returns.

Are you protecting your employees from the fatigue and strain of shunting semi-trailers? Yard trucks can prevent muscle fatigue, injury, and other risks of moving heavy trailers. Safeguard against worker injury and boost productivity with the help of DJProducts today.