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MHEDA’s Trends for 2014 – Are You Ready?

By September 8, 2015 March 10th, 2020 No Comments

The Material Handling Equipment Distributing Association has released its 2014 Critical Impact Factors.

Among MHEDA’s 13 factors are a few that tie into the way you satisfy customers and employees alike:

Critical Impact Factor: To build loyalty and trust, distributors must provide the customer with value-added services.

What you can do now: Talk to the best customers – both yours and those of your competitors. A casual lunch or a golf game can foster open dialog about what they find important. Learn what kind of services are important to them, whether it’s pre-sale consultation  or after-sale training on their motorized carts and powered movers.

Critical Impact Factor: Members need to develop a strategy to utilize, implement and measure the benefits of web technologies, mobile apps, online marketing and social media as business development tools.

What you can do now: Take your marketing online. Today’s inbound marketing harnesses the power of the Internet to help the best prospects find you. Content creation is the key. When you create and publish original, high-value blogs, videos, eBooks and other content, you build credibility and guide casual web visitors into qualified leads.

Critical Impact Factor: Retention of top performers is critical and steps must be in place to motivate and develop existing employees.

What you can do now: Work with your employees to develop career tracks and growth plans that take advantage of each person’s unique strengths. If you haven’t already got one, implement a recognition program. “Acknowledgment is essential,” notes Business Insider, “and even the briefest notice and attention makes a huge difference. It’s about remembering workers are humans, not machines.”

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