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DJ Products is Team Cart Caddy

By September 8, 2015 January 27th, 2020 No Comments

DJ Products is one of the top manufacturers of electric and motorized material handling solutions. Our new website demonstrates all the reasons why we’re Team Cart Caddy, and why you should be too.

Our goal is to provide you with material handling options that are safe and ergonomically designed while remaining cost-effective. They’re so easy to use that they can be handled by a single person, leaving your other employees free to work on other duties.

The relatively compact size of our movers along with their generous range of movement allow for more effective maneuverability, even in tight spaces. Your employees will find them to be more convenient and manageable than traditional equipment like fork lifts. As a result, they’ll use them more frequently which results in greater productivity and fewer workplace injuries.

Team Cart Caddy offers a selection of pushers, pullers and tugs to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Simply click on “Industry” on the menu at the top of the page to locate your specific requirement. “Applications” gives you images of our products in actual workplaces. Select “Products” to view a complete listing.

If you can’t find your industry or you’re unsure about the best solution for your application, our friendly, knowledgeable Sales Engineers are ready to assist you. Call 800.686.2651 to speak with them directly or submit a question on our website. For additional convenience we also have a handy online chat feature.

Our team has solved more than 10,000 material handling applications for customers. We welcome the opportunity to help with yours as well. Visit our website and become a member of Team Cart Caddy.

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