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MHEDA Weighs in with the Top 2023 Trends for the Material Handling Businesses

, MHEDA Weighs in with the Top 2023 Trends for the Material Handling Businesses

Material Handling

After weathering unprecedented challenges over the last couple of years, what can the material handling industry anticipate for 2023? DJ Products, maker of the electric trailer dolly, shares the trends that will be shaping your business over the next 12 months.

Top Material Handling Trends for 2023

The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) has been the industry’s leading trade organization for more than 65 years. Here are MHEDA’s top predictions for what you can expect to see in 2023.

1. Supply chain challenges continue to be an issue. Extended lead times and order cancellations are only two of the trickle-down results from this major interruption. Consider diversifying customer offerings as a way to deal with shortages.

2. Record inflation has impacted pricing, expenses, wages and interest rates. Look for an economic correction to take place this year.

3. A tight labor market means increased competition for qualified workers across all industries. Make sure you stay current with compensation levels, benefit packages and flexible work schedules to attract top talent.

4. Due to the pandemic and its effects on the workplace, mental and physical health of employees has become a greater concern than ever. Learn to recognize fatigue, low morale and other signs of health issues. Provide resources and support to workers whenever needed.

5. E-commerce and online sales continue to grow. Set yourself apart from the competition by developing creative ways of providing value-added services to end users.

6. Use and integration of internal and external data has become a crucial part of business operations. The downside is that cyber-attackers have become more sophisticated in their methods. Make cybersecurity a priority in your infrastructure and network and provide employee training, especially if you have remote workers.

7. Legal requirements for contracts, licensing and safety standards are constantly changing. Protect employees and customers by staying on top of the latest regulations.

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