How are Warehouse Operations Changing ?

How are Warehouse Operations Changing ?

Will driverless trucks be making their way to your warehouse docks anytime soon? As technology constantly improves, material handling equipment and supply chain procedures reach levels that were once considered a distant dream.

So what changes can you look forward to in the near future? Experts weigh in on the top warehouse technology trends of 2018.

DIY Last-Mile Deliveries

Customers are demanding faster delivery times, leaving retailers scrambling to stay competitive without increasing costs. Industry giants such as Amazon and Walmart have begun handling last-mile deliveries in-house, with other companies following suit in order to save the expense of third-party delivery services.

Shift to Regional Warehouses

Expedited delivery has also made warehouse location more strategic than ever. Companies around the world, once again led by Amazon, are moving from large warehouse hubs to smaller regional warehouses. In addition to putting product closer to delivery points, these smaller facilities get approved more quickly and they’re easier to build.

Rise in Cybersecurity Concerns

Safety has always been a major concern in warehouses, but now managers are in the position of protecting something they can’t even see. As more data is collected and stored in warehouse management systems and other digital applications, companies are looking for solutions to eliminate electronic poaching of proprietary information.

Experimentation with Alternate Logistics Options

Innovations in technology are encouraging companies to experiment with unconventional logistics methods. In addition to the aforementioned driverless trucks, drone delivery and robotic workers are just two of the high-tech options being tested.

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