Make Your Job Easier. Get Equipment for Material Handling.

Make Your Job Easier. Get Equipment for Material Handling.

In 2018, we’ll see more automated equipment purchased and implemented than ever before. Companies in the e-commerce industry are increasingly looking for material handling equipment suppliers for powered carts and cart pullers. Elsewhere, industries ranging from food distribution to heavy construction are also turning to machines for better efficiency.

While automation is often associated with labor reduction, many more factors will drive the material handling equipment industry in 2018 and beyond. Equipment can make the job significantly safer for human workers. In warehouses, picking and packing can be both faster and more accurate.

Soaring Sales for Material Handling Equipment

The consultancy Market Research Future forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% through 2023 for the material handling equipment supplier industry.

E-commerce leads the way, and Asia will be the region outspending the rest. The most common application is material handling for smaller loads such as retail goods and small parts.

Small and large players are driving competition in the field. Rather than being dominated by just a few global manufacturers, firms often choose a regional material handling equipment supplier.

Industrial Equipment from DJ Products

What’s the only thing holding back the market? Much of the technology available requires a high initial investment, and implementation involves a radical change to the way your warehouse operates.

DJ Products offers more affordable solutions. Our material handling equipment can easily be learned and operated by just about any employee.

Our offerings include the CartCaddy (and CartCaddyLite version) with an ergonomic design to push or pull heavy loaded carts with ease. There are also more task-specific models like the PartsCaddy and CarpetCaddy.

Need a new material handling equipment supplier? Contact us at DJ Products to stay ahead of industry trends with game-changing industrial equipment.