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Introducing the WasteCaddy Trash Hauler

By January 16, 2019March 12th, 2020No Comments

, Introducing the WasteCaddy Trash HaulerHow many injuries do your employees have each year? Are any of those injuries related to moving heavy dumpsters on the job? If they are, then you need a solution. Moving dumpsters manually is hard work, and it puts employees and their health at risk. A dumpster puller or a great product like our WasteCaddy Trash Hauler can keep them safe. It also offers you plenty of other benefits.

Saving Time and Man Power

How would you use an extra employee? What would your employees be able to accomplish at work if they had more time? A dumpster puller could give you and your workers back some valuable time.

One customer stated that having the right equipment is, “…like having another employee on staff.” She went on to say that now, instead of needing two people to spend eight hours a week on the trash, it only takes one.

Preventing Injuries on the Job

Many on-the-job injuries are related to moving heavy dumpsters. This can get expensive for employers, plus, they also lose valuable members of their teams. Having the right equipment, such as using a WasteCaddy Trash Hauler, can prevent those injuries from occurring. This keeps businesses much more productive, and reduces costs in many areas.

Saving Money

When you save time and prevent injuries, you’re also saving money. In today’s world, that’s a big deal. Employers can avoid shelling out thousands of dollars every year because of lack of personnel and workers comp claims.

Do you have questions about the dumpster puller or the WasteCaddy Trash Hauler? We’d love to hear them and get you answers. Contact us!

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