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Improve Staff Scheduling for Distribution Center Efficiency

Improve Staff Scheduling for Distribution Center Efficiency, Improve Staff Scheduling for Distribution Center Efficiency

Warehouse Scheduling Tips

While state-of-the-art equipment like our trailer dolly helps to maximize productivity, the greatest asset of any company is the workforce. Does your planning include updated scheduling procedures? Empower your employees with staff scheduling approaches that accommodate them as well as your business operations.

Incorporating Flexible Scheduling

The days of fixed 40-hour workweeks for everyone are largely in the rear-view mirror. Many warehouses and distribution centers are adopting scheduling policies that promote greater work/life balance while optimizing staffing levels.

  • With open shift posting, jobs are scheduled for a specific date and time, but they’re not assigned to a specific employee. This allows workers to “bid” on shifts that suit their interest and availability. Some companies also allow employees to trade shifts, such as in the case of an unexpected emergency, which cuts down on unplanned absences.
  • Due to seasonality and other effects on the ebb and flow of business demands, staffing requirements can vary greatly. Voluntary time off, also known as VTO, is a helpful tool in managing these changes. For example, if your warehouse traditionally experiences a slowdown after the first of the year, you can offer workers the chance to take time off. While this differs from PTO (paid time off) in that VTO is unpaid, employees retain their seniority and benefits.


Benefits of Flexible Scheduling
  • According to a report by CNN Money, nearly three-quarters of people surveyed ranked respect as the #1 factor in job satisfaction. Flexible work schedules demonstrate a healthy level of respect for your employees and their needs. As a result, workers will also develop a sense of loyalty that reduces turnover.
  • Just as our trailer dolly and other top-quality equipment helps prevent physical injuries, flexible scheduling promotes mental and emotional well-being through greater job satisfaction. Happy employees maintain a positive attitude and have better attendance.


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