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Hotel Bedding Trends Are Consumer-Driven

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Hotel Bedding Trends are Consumer Driven

Our powered hospitality carts make hotel supply movement more efficient, but how much attention are you paying to what’s actually being loaded on them? Increasingly health-conscious guests are demanding high levels of cleanliness and top hotels are ensuring that their properties meet and exceed consumer standards.

As hotels strive to recreate the experience of sleeping at home, they’re conscious of the fact that not all retail products are practical for their beds. Experts weigh in on the optimum ways to adopt current bedding trends.


If you want to add color to the rooms, stick with paint and accessories. Classic white sheets are still accepted as a sign of cleanliness by hotel guests.

But consumer expectations don’t stop with sheets. Blankets, comforters and anything else that goes on top of a mattress should be washable. Kim Deetjen of TruEx Collins Interiors explains that many hotels are triple-sheeting beds with a protective top sheet over a duvet.


According to Pacific Coast Feather Company’s Brett Rife, a choice of soft or firm pillows is no longer limited to luxury hotels. Full-service and midscale hotels are recognizing that offering a selection of pillows is part of personalized service.

Memory foam pillows are enjoying a surge in popularity, but this is one trend that hotels are avoiding. Foam doesn’t have the durability to sustain the numerous washings required for hotel bedding.


Bedskirts and box-spring covers complete a polished look, but they’re high-maintenance. Platform beds and upholstered foundations provide an option that’s stylish and attractive but requires less work.

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