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DJProducts Rail Car Caddy Make Easy Work of Heavy Jobs

By July 19, 2022No Comments
DJ Products lets a single employee handle the procedure safely and efficiently, DJProducts Rail Car Caddy Make Easy Work of Heavy Jobs


Railcars can weigh up to 250,000 pounds, making the job of moving them an intimidating and time-consuming task. Fortunately, you don’t need to put Superman on your payroll. Our Railcar Caddy from DJ Products lets a single employee handle the procedure safely and efficiently.

Electric Caddy vs. Diesel Movers

How are you currently moving railcars around terminals, yards and repair shops? Most workers end up relying on diesel-powered movers, which are expensive, bulky and require extensive maintenance. Burning diesel fuel also creates emissions that are harmful to vegetation and contribute to acid rain.

Our caddy is not dependent on fossil fuels of any kind. It operates on a standard 48-volt, four-battery system. Battery life extends eight hours or more, the length of most work shifts, and the charger can be plugged into a conventional 120/220 AC outlet. In addition, there are no fumes, vibrations or loud noises, making the caddy safe to use in enclosed places.

Ease and Versatility of the Railcar Caddy

Moving a railcar frequently involves more than one person, limiting productivity by pulling employees away from other important tasks. A single person can easily operate our caddy on their own, without any specialized training or license.

The mover comes equipped with a custom coupler that quickly connects to any railcar, and the front hydraulic lift transfers weight to the caddy for superior traction over surfaces such as flush tracks and lightly-packed gravel. Thanks to the unit’s compact size, it can be maneuvered easily, even with the weight of a railcar attached.

Standard and Optional Features
    • Low-speed, high-torque motors and transaxle provide adjustable acceleration and braking for maximum control at speeds of 3 MPH in forward and reverse.
    • The variable-speed thumb twist grip is ergonomically designed for ease of use with less stress on muscles and joints.
    • Customize the caddy with safety horns, flashing pole and light, trojan batteries, enclosed chain guards and dual solid-drive tires.


DJ Products: Your #1 Source for Material Handling Solutions

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