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Do You Need a Warehouse Consultant? What to Know Before You Hire One.

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, Do You Need a Warehouse Consultant? What to Know Before You Hire One.

What to Know About Warehouse Consultants

At DJ Products, our mission is to help customers find their ideal warehouse equipment solutions. But when it comes to warehouse operations or special projects, do you go it alone?

Many companies of all sizes have successfully used warehouse consultants to advise on layout design, process optimization and other business aspects. Here are some tips to help you decide if your company could benefit from hiring a warehouse consultant.

What Does a Warehouse Consultant Do?

Warehouse consultants have a wide range of expertise applicable to all facets of operations. Some of the issues for which companies seek help include:

– Layout design and space optimization

– Inventory management

– Locating and designing new or additional warehouses

– Order picking

– Improving cash flow

– Maximizing integration of two or more companies

– Calculating activity-based costs (ABC)

– Selecting and implementing a warehouse management system (WMS)

– Outsourcing services

What to Expect Working with a Warehouse Consultant

Warehouse consultants use well-established methods that have been proven to work. Since they deal with warehouse change management projects every day, they understand how to adapt these methods to best suit your operations and customers.

A good warehouse consultant will present you with an analysis of options that address your particular needs. Each one will be based on trade-offs between factors including workforce, space and costs. Consultants are also aware of common problems that can arise in each scenario, so they can guide you on the most streamlined ways to put solutions in action.

DJ Products: Your Warehouse Equipment Consultant

Our knowledgeable sales engineers can help you find the right warehouse equipment for your specific applications. Use the convenient online chat feature on our website for prompt and cheerful assistance with any questions about our comprehensive line of tugs, movers and pushers.

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