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What to Know About Uber Freight

By April 2, 2019March 10th, 2020No Comments
, What to Know About Uber Freight

What to Know About Uber Freight

Whether you’re an independent driver or a warehouse manager, Uber Freight is quietly changing your industry. Just like the ride-sharing app, the Freight version matches customers to drivers. Shippers can book a load with a few clicks, and owner-operators can always make themselves available to drive.

With freight truckers on demand, a distribution center can simply use a semi trailer mover to line up each load in the yard. Hail a driver from your phone or tablet, and the load is already prepared for departure.

How Uber Freight Works

Initially, the app was made available to truck drivers looking for work. The goal was to help drivers find loads on return trips instead of making deadhead trips.

Now, the Uber Freight platform is fully featured for both carriers and shippers. Distribution firms can enter a few details and get a firm price, then schedule the driver. Drivers can choose to accept a load knowing their pay and without haggling.

The app includes tools for real-time freight tracking, simple documentation, and automated payment after proof of delivery.

Using Uber Freight for Shippers

Given the ongoing driver shortage, Uber Freight seemingly has the potential to help shippers in a pinch. The reduction of paperwork and phone calls also allow you to spend more time on your business.

Are you always looking for more drivers? Do you need to expand your capacity seasonally? DJ Products can help your business succeed with the Uberization of freight, thanks to our Electric Yard Truck semi trailer mover. Dock workers can easily tow and park trailers up to 100,000 pounds to prepare for your Uber trucker’s arrival.

Contact us to request a demo or read more about our semi trailer movers.

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