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Do You Know These Warehouse Safety Tips?

Maintaining a safe workplace environment in your warehouse should be a top priority., Do You Know These Warehouse Safety Tips?

Warehouse Safety Tips

Warehouse workers face risks of injuries when they operate equipment, pull heavy loads, and perform other tasks. Maintaining a safe workplace environment in your warehouse should be a top priority in order to protect your employees. Consider the use of a trailer dolly or warehouse tug to prevent injuries. The following warehouse safety tips can help you provide a safe working environment for your staff.

Keep PPE Available at All Times

Personal protective equipment for workers should always be available in your warehouse. Your workers should also be aware of when to use PPE and how to use it properly. The use of PPE helps reduce the risk of injuries in your warehouse.

Hold Safety Equipment Training Sessions

Having safety equipment in your warehouse isn’t enough to guarantee that it will be used correctly. Schedule training sessions to make sure that your workers know how to operate or use safety equipment correctly. A trailer dolly is easy to operate and does not need intensive training. From time to time, hold retraining sessions or refresher courses.

Teach Vehicle Awareness to All Staff

Office staff and staff in other areas of your facility need to be trained on vehicle awareness as well. This helps cut down on accidents that can happen when these employees are on the warehouse floor instead of in their office.

Create an Efficient and Safe Layout

Your warehouse floor should have a layout that reduces the risk of collisions or accidents when forklift trucks or other vehicles are being operated. Make changes to your current layout as needed in order to keep workers walking on the floor from being in or near the path of vehicles.

Put in Physical Barriers

If you don’t have barriers already, consider installing them in your warehouse. Physical barriers, such as guard rails, help separate vehicles lanes or areas from areas where workers walk around. These barriers can help lower the risk of accidents in your warehouse.

Install Sensors and Other Visual Barriers

Sensors and other kinds of visual barriers can serve as another layer of protection for warehouse employees. These barriers might alert forklift operators or other vehicle operators to the presence of workers walking in certain areas.

For more warehouse safety tips and to find solutions that help improve safety in your facility, visit DJ Products. We are highlighting the Trailer Dolly this week. Ask us for a video demo or more information today.