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C-40 Clippers Are a New Upgrade for the Marines

By January 23, 2019 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Marines Get New Hardware

Marines Get New Aircraft

The U.S. Marine Corps is turning to GSA listed suppliers for an upgrade to their 1970s-era transport planes. Boeing’s C-40 Clipper is the USMC’s choice to replace two of its C-9B Skytrain executive transports.

C-40 Clippers are also expected to take over for C-9s currently in operation with the U.S. Naval Reserve and U.S. Air Force. Here’s a look at this 737-based aircraft and where it fits in with military programs.

Overview of C-40 Clippers

C-40s in use by the military come in three different models:

The C-40A is a Navy aircraft created by adding a larger cargo door along with stronger wings and landing gear to a 737-700C frame. Its robust navigation system is an advantage in Third World airports with older ground systems.

The USAF’s C-40B has superior technological capabilities, serving as an “office in the sky” for military and government leaders. Its primary feature is a Connexion system that provides secure in-flight broadband connectivity.

The C-40C, another USAF aircraft, is a counterpart to the Navy’s C-40A. Both models can serve as all-passenger, all-cargo or passenger/cargo combination transports.

USMC Order for C-40 Clippers

The USMC’s order for two C-40 Clippers comes amid concerns about continued durability of their aging C-9 aircraft. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is supporting a survey conducted by the USMC to find a supplier for the C-40s. While NAVAIR is expressing willingness to consider used aircraft, experts believe Boeing will ultimately receive the order.

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