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Tips for Storing Your Small Aircraft Over the Winter

With winter underway, it’s important to make sure that your small aircraft is properly stored for the season. This helps reduce the risk of damage to it and ensures that your aircraft will be ready for you to use again when the weather improves. If you need to move your plane into storage or move it to a different area of your storage facility, keep in mind that an aircraft caddy makes this process go much easier.

Protect Against Rodents and Other Pests

Mice and other pests can make your airplane their home in winter if it provides them with shelter and warmth. When you put your plane into storage, make sure that it doesn’t give these pests any entry points. Cover or close up holes that rodents and other pests can use to get inside.

Fill the Fuel Tanks

Even if you won’t be using your plane in winter, you should still keep the fuel tanks filled up. Doing this lowers the amount of moisture in the tank, which reduces the risk of condensation building up.

Remove the Battery

Keeping the battery inside your plane means that it could end up being exposed to conditions that are too cold. Storing the battery in a location that keeps it safe from extreme cold can help prevent it from being damaged.

Do an Oil Change

Giving your airplane’s engine a fresh oil change, which will help to ensure that it runs smoothly when it starts up again. This will eliminate contaminants that may affect its performance.

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