What's Trending? Online Rentals and Sales of Dumpsters.

What’s Trending? Online Rentals and Sales of Dumpsters.

You can buy a lot of junk online – and you can also rent a dumpster online when you have more junk than usual. That’s the idea behind online platforms like Dumpster Market and Budget Dumpster. Local haulers list themselves online, and customers can easily find what they need at a competitive price.

For commercial use, it’s never been easier to get however many roll-off containers you need at a given moment. In fact, you can even rent dumpster moving equipment to tow waste containers around your property.

The Boom in Online Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster Market opened in January 2018 with a mission to make the waste hauling industry more efficient through technology. Renting a dumpster works similarly to apps like Kayak and Uber.

Software designed just for this purpose allows haulers to list availability for various sizes of dumpsters. Users can book a container with local pickup and drop-off with just a few clicks.

Remodeling an apartment complex? Need extra dumpsters for a business with seasonal peaks? Rent online for a low price and skip the phone calls and quote requests.

Dumpster Moving Equipment for Improved Waste Management

At apartments and other multi-family housing, most injuries occur in the trash room. Don’t ask your maintenance crews to push or pull several tons of weight on those rickety wheels.

Dumpster moving equipment allows virtually any worker to safely move and park roll-off containers. The battery-powered motor makes it easy to tow a dumpster on inclines and over rough ground. It’s even easier to steer than a lawnmower.

Check out the WasteCaddy Dumpster Tow from DJ Products if your staff needs to haul dumpsters to the curb or if you regularly rent dumpsters for construction and remodeling projects.

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