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Will Your Drivers’ Workdays Be Extended to 17 Hours by the Feds?

By July 15, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Will Your Drivers’ Workdays Be Extended to 17 Hours by the Feds?

Will Your Drivers’ Workdays Be Extended to 17 Hours by the Feds?

For decades, hard-working drivers have called for changes to be made to the hours involved in their workdays. Now a proposal to extend 14-hour days to 17-hour days in a workday has been brought to the table. Because of this newest development, valid concerns have emerged. What do longer hours mean for the overall health of drivers? Or for those who rely on the safe transport of goods?

What can be done to reduce possible accidents? Employing fail-safe technology like battery operated semi trailer movers provides simple solutions to address dangerous exhaustion that arises as a result.

You Are Not a Machine

One recent article questions if extending the hours in a workday are worth the risk. Do drivers recognize their need for rest? Will they adhere to the strict safety policies and revere the constraints placed for their safety and to ensure a higher quality of service?

More than three-fourths of truck drivers are clocked in at over 50 hours a week. Sadly, some of them are even encouraged to falsify their work diary. Close to half say they follow that implied mandate for fear of losing their job. Those hard-working drivers need someone in their corner to help them complete work safely and take their load when others won’t.

We Do When Others Don’t

At DJ Products, we quit the guesswork, and rely on premiere equipment to ease the issues that can result via overworked employees. Our quality semi trailer movers utilize precise speed control and require no special licensing to operate. We let busy drivers rest so our machinery can do the heavy moving. Safety is important on the job. Our products not only safeguard quality products but improve a diligent employee’s quality of life.

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