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Fuel Haulers Embrace 30-Minute Break Exemption

By July 15, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Fuel Haulers Embrace 30-Minute Break Exemption

Fuel Haulers Embrace 30-Minute Break Exemption

What does a 30-minute break exemption mean for the fuel haulers who work more than 12 hours each day? Quite a lot actually. For short haul runs that are under 100-miles, fuel haulers can now avoid taking the federally required 30-minute breaks. The more time they have alotted to haul and unload with no lag between jobs the better it is for their bottom line.

Similarly, a terminal tractor that helps move trailers into position without hard labor–the more cost-efficient it is for time-conscious drivers.

Watching the Clock

Close to 40,000 truck drivers now can benefit from the 30-minute break exemption. Those thousands of haulers will bring more business to other industries as well. This newest exemption could mean more hauling/unloading and a busier schedule for fuel haulers. While this can be a positive change, more hauls also could increase labor.

Don’t worry! Technology advances can help address any issues that present themselves. Precision machinery can drive those in the trucking industry to better profit margins.

Investing In Solutions

The best machinery ensures deadlines are met, safety guidelines are followed, and labor is lowered. A premium trailer tractor can do the difficult work so a driver on a time clock doesn’t have to. As the old adage says “work smarter not harder.”

DJ Products is a company that ensures time management and safety precautions are equal in priority. The products we offer our clients, like our terminal tractor, keep the most important things in focus. Your safety, your bottom line, and your efficiency are important to you. Visit DJ Products and find out why what matters to you matters to us as well!

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