Vulcraft of NY chose CartCaddy Cart Pusher for its ergonomic benefits

Craig May, a production supervisor with Vulcraft of New York, remembers his days as a lead rigger in the plant, pushing 2-ton carts across concrete floors in 100-degree temps.

“It’s a very physically demanding job, and every time I see my lead rigger now using the CartCaddy Cart Mover, I think how much healthier I would be if I’d had a CartCaddy when I did that job.”

As a result of his own experience, he went looking for a solution to manual labor 2 years ago. He found CartCaddy. “We were able to go online and look at the videos and decide for ourselves which cart was going to work the best for us. After seeing the videos and talking to our Sales Engineer, Matt Schilling, we were confident that we made the right decision for our teammates’ ergonomics.”

The crew thanked him for CartCaddy, and he advises anyone considering a cart pusher, puller or mover:  “If you care about the health and safety of your teammates, it’s a no brainer. They’re amazing.”

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