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What Should be on Your List of Top Attributes for Warehouse Employees

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What Should be on Your List of Top Attributes for Warehouse Employees

What Should You Be Looking For When Hiring?

When you shop for warehouse equipment, you have a wish list of specific features you’re looking for. Shouldn’t you do the same for your warehouse employees?

Labor is your most valuable asset. Maximize productivity and minimize costly turnover by incorporating this checklist of top attributes of quality warehouse employees in your hiring practices.

Ability to Adapt to Different Work Environments

There’s no physical blueprint for skilled warehouse workers. They can be short, tall, thin or stocky. What’s important is that they feel comfortable working in different environments, regardless of location, temperature, or various other elements.

Familiarity with Warehouse Equipment

Working knowledge of power equipment used in your warehouse is a must, as well as appropriate licensing or certification for operating forklifts and other machinery. A strong candidate should also understand whatever warehouse management system your company uses.

Experience in Warehouse Procedures

At a minimum, your ideal warehouse employee should be skilled in the following procedures:

– Counting and cross-checking orders and shipments

– Picking and staging customer orders

– Reading and completing paperwork correlating to orders and inventory

– Loading and unloading trucks

Safety and First Aid Training

Workplace injuries are a drain on all your resources. Employees with current safety training are more aware of potential accident hazards and they’re ready to assist during an emergency.

Focus on Customer Service

Your workers represent you and your company. The best employees internalize a commitment to superior customer service and take a proactive approach to problem-solving.

Improve Workplace Operations with State-of-the-Art Warehouse Equipment

Help your employees to do their best by supplying warehouse equipment that makes their job safer and more efficient. Visit our website for information about our CartCaddyLite and other battery-powered tugs, movers and pushers from DJ Products.

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