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Waste Valets Come to Multifamily and Condo Units

By May 25, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
Waste Valets Come to Multifamily and Condo Units

Calling to Check on Waste Valet Services

As people look for ways to add time to their busy days, services such as meal delivery and concierge doctors are becoming popular. Now some multifamily and condo units are trying to make an unpleasant task more convenient with valet waste service.

How Valet Waste Service Works

At most properties, tenants lug their garbage to trash receptacles that are usually outdoors, where employees use dumpster moving tugs to transport waste to collection trucks. Thanks to waste valets, tenants no longer have to face bad weather, risk the mess of broken trash bags or argue with family and roommates about whose turn it is to take out the garbage.

Waste valets are receptacles that sit steps away from a tenant’s front door. These receptacles are disguised as decor items, functional pieces or both, such as a sitting bench. Tenants simply place their trash inside the receptacle and their job is done. The waste is then collected by an employee for final disposal.

Worried about the environment? Most waste valet services accommodate recycling. Some use separate receptacles, while others specify different types of bags to distinguish between recycling and trash.

Valet Waste Service Tips

– Make sure you understand the service fees and whether they’re included in rent or utilities or payable separately.

– Know the collection days for your properties. Some communities have pick-ups each weekday, but not all follow the same schedule.

– Learn and follow the requirements concerning what types of bags should be used and how they should be secured.

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