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Video: CarCaddy Vehicle Puller: Ideal Solution to Maneuver Cars at Auto Repair Facilities

By May 31, 2021No Comments

The CarCaddy Vehicle Puller increases efficiency and profitability for auto service centers, vehicle dealerships, and automotive testing facilities. The compact CarCaddy VP7K allows one person to safely maneuver inoperable vehicles from point A to point B.


Previously, Lexus of North Miami Collision Repair Center had to rely on tow vehicles, fork trucks or third-party car moving services to relocate inoperable vehicles within their facility. The CarCaddy Vehicle Puller is a much more affordable solution that is ready to use as needed. No waiting necessary.


The CarCaddy VP7K is easy-to-operate. The operator can either stand on the ride-on platform or on the ground while steering. Unlike clumsy fork trucks, it allows for tight turns and easy maneuverability in crowded workshops or factories.

Small Footprint

Tow trucks and fork lifts are large, bulky and take up valuable shop space. The CarCaddy Vehicle Puller is compact and can be stored in convenient locations to charge and use whenever its needed. For more information, reach out to a sales engineer at 1-800-686-2651 or complete this form to request a quote.