Meet Our Team: Kari

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At DJ Products, we have an incredible team of employees that work hard and help keep our business running strong. From Sales to Production to every role in-between, each and every team member plays an important role in the success of our company.  Meet our team!

Meet Our Team: KariTitle:

Sales Engineer – AircraftCaddy

How long have you worked at DJ Products?

1.5 years.

Can you explain your role?

My role entails answering online chats, emails and phone calls from perspective buyers. I ask questions and get to know more about their aircraft and hangar situation to accurately quote them for an AircraftCaddy solution to meet their needs. Being a former pilot myself, I enjoy this part of my job and seeing photos of my client’s aircraft.

Before you came to DJ Products, what did you do?

Before coming here, I worked in the aviation insurance industry and have also worked as a recruiter placing aviation mechanics for employment in the past.

What would you describe as your specialty/specialties and why?

My specialty is the ability to listen and understand customers’ needs and relay information in a professional manner. I am a commercial multi-instrument pilot myself and I feel my knowledge & passion for the industry enhances my ability to sell the product.

What’s your favorite thing about your job or working at DJ Products?

I love my job and the people I work with. The best part of my job is talking to pilots about their aircraft and working on custom projects. I enjoy being part of a solution and working together as a team for a common goal. The atmosphere of work life balance is greatly appreciated too. Best job I have had, and I have had a few since college.

Meet Our Team: KariWhat do you like to do in your free time?

Riding bike, yoga, playing sports, Blackjack and anything outside and/or competitive in nature.

Favorite T.V. shows: 

SURVIVOR- I have never missed an episode and will be on the show eventually.

How do you like your coffee?

In the warmer months I prefer an Iced Cold Brew & in winter months, a Hot Turtle Mocha.

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