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Trump Team Pushes to Lower Semi Driver Age to 18

By September 3, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Tips for Diversifying the Ages of Your Truckload Carriers

Tips for Diversifying the Ages of Your Truckload Carriers

In an effort to compensate for the massive driver drought in the trucking industry, current regulations in place for driving ages are being reevaluated. Will lowering the age of drivers from 21 to 18 compensate for the over 60,000 driver shortages or cause more problems down the road? It’s too soon to tell.

Rather than wondering about the unknowns, put your faith in durable solutions you can count on. Terminal tractors help drivers get their loads situated efficiently, solving problems and doing the heavy lifting.

Long-Terminal Solutions

Planning ahead is integral to facilitate success in the warehouse and trucking business. The large shortage of trained truck drivers has been a problem for a while. What can you do to better your chances despite looming threats of unrest in the industry? You can plan ahead for any future inconsistencies by implementing trustworthy safeguards.

Terminal tractors create answers where there were none previously. Technology and revolutionary design help to propel purposeful investments towards success. They also pay off in the long-term. And long-term solutions bring long-term positive results.

The Insurance Policy

The idea of hiring teens to drive semis may trigger some apprehension. The way DJ Products ensures your dedicated employees and profits are protected creates quite the opposite reaction. Terminal tractors take away the need for worry when younger workers are operating heavy-duty machinery. Simple in design but positive in easing workload potential, battery operated machinery helps silence the worry and triggers deep-seated excitement for what’s to come!

Trust In Tractors

Let DJ Products keep you in business and experienced drivers behind the wheel. Loading and unloading is time-consuming. Terminal tractors facilitate smooth transition time and easy load transfer. If you want to pocket some valuable reassurance, try DJ Products today!

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