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TrailerCaddy vs. Your In-House CDL Driver – Why TrailerCaddy Wins

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Warehouse managers are all-too-familiar with the challenges related to tracking down your yard truck driver. That’s where TrailerCaddy, a motorized trailer dolly from DJ Products, fits in.

Employing a CDL driver just so you can move trailers in and out of docks has many drawbacks. Look at the back end of the semi-trailers you see on the highway…. WANTED – DRIVERS. Finding, and then keeping a driving with a CDL can be a challenge when they can earn more as an over the road driver. On top of that, you need to keep them licensed, and keep their health card current. All to move a few trailers around the yard each day.

Can all these drawbacks be avoided? The answer is yes—with a motorized trailer dolly that requires no licensing to operate, and just a little training.

compact machine slips under a trailer nose lifts it and pulls

Move Empty and Loaded Semi Trailers

A motorized trailer dolly can move empty and loaded semi-trailers, tank-trailers and ocean shipping containers. It is battery powered so it can be charged easily in-house and is always ready to go. Say goodbye to tracking-down your licensed yard truck driver because any employee can be trained to use the TrailerCaddy. No licensing is required.

This semi trailer mover is also highly maneuverable. A short turning radius makes it ideal for use in tight spaces, narrow aisles and small yards. There is a direct line of sight because the operator is facing forward, reducing the risk of injury and damage to docks, trailers, equipment, and buildings.

DJ Products has been in business for over 20 years. Starting with material-handling equipment for the grocery, automotive, property management, and aircraft industries in Minnesota, we now produce equipment suited for warehouses anywhere. To discuss your requirements and order a heavy-duty power dolly, call 800-686-2651 or email

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