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Hoteliers Are Leveraging These Four Important Items in 2019

By February 21, 2019 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Hotel Supply Movement Experts

Hotel Supply Movement Experts

As your preferred source for hotel supply movement carts, we want to keep you informed of news and trends impacting the hospitality industry. Now that the busy holiday season is over, hoteliers are looking ahead to the challenges of 2019 and how best to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Here are four significant trends expected to shape the hospitality industry this year. How can you leverage them for your hotel?

Minimalist Designs

Outdated hotel decor is a major turn-off for most guests, but frequent renovations can be cost-prohibitive. Savvy hoteliers are turning to minimalist designs that accommodate a wide range of styles by simply changing a few accessories. Faux but realistic-looking plants and floral arrangements add an elegant yet comfortable touch.

Cloud-Based Technology

Do you think cutting-edge technology solutions are too expensive? With 62 percent of international hotel chains moving to cloud-based management software, your hotel can’t afford to be left behind. In fact, cloud-based software improves productivity, making it extremely cost-effective.

Local Transportation Partnerships

Many chain and independent hotels have shuttle services to and from airports, but how do your guests get around during their stay? Consider forming a partnership with a local transportation company to give guests convenient access to limos, rental cars and buses.

Mobile Ads

With smartphones becoming so integrated into today’s society, purchasing ads on mobile apps is a great way to reach potential customers. A recent report shows that bookings on mobile devices jumped from 13 percent to 20 percent in just one year.

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