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Trailer Mover Pulls Heavy Equipment with Ease

By September 8, 2015 January 27th, 2020 No Comments

There have always been strongmen who pitted themselves against modern machines in amazing feats of strength. Back when you were a small fry you probably watched them on TV or might have seen them in action at the county fair. Muscles bulging, in true John Henry fashion, these guys would harness themselves to a tractor trailer or railcar or some other amazingly heavy immovable object and with brute strength pull it down a street or across a field to the jaw-dropping awe of their audience.

Today, you can accomplish the same incredible feat and without the bulging muscles of a steel-driving man like John Henry. DJ Products’ amazing TrailerCaddy trailer mover allows a single, ordinary worker to push and pull a RV, camper, equipment trailer or boat with ease. The electric-powered TrailerCaddy is the perfect solution for moving wheeled trailers down an assembly line or into holding areas during manufacture. It’s the ideal tool for moving and positioning trailers at a showroom or trade show.

Less bulky than traditional material handling equipment used to pull trailers, DJ Products’ powered trailer mover provides precise operator control and maximum maneuverability, even in confined areas. Far less costly to maintain than other trailer pulling equipment on the market, the DJ Products trailer mover also significantly decreases accident rates and their associated costs. Superior maneuverability and operator control also mean less chance of damage to surrounding parts and equipment.

Like all of DJ Products’ superior powered movers, the TrailerCaddy trailer mover is ergonomically-designed to eliminate the risk of musculoskeletal injury caused by pushing and pulling tasks. Overextension and strain on muscles during the pushing, pulling and maneuvering of heavy loads can cause severe physical damage to workers. Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries is long-term and expensive. In addition to high medical costs, musculoskeletal injuries can significantly increase insurance, workmen’s compensation, disability and lost man-hour costs. The ergonomic design of all DJ Products’ pushers, pullers and movers is geared to eliminate the considerable physical strain of moving heavy objects, thereby reducing the negative impact of accidents and injuries on your bottom line.

Visit the DJ Products website for full specs and to see the amazing TrailerCaddy trailer mover in action.

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