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Trailer Mover Is RV, Boat Storage Workhorse

By September 14, 2015 March 10th, 2020 No Comments

Summer is winding down and we’ve already felt the first breath of fall in our neck of the woods. Still time for a few more weekends at the lake, but it won’t be long before folks are hauling their boats out of the water and cleaning out their RVs for winter storage. Getting these expensive mega toys tucked in for the winter used to be a herculean task. All decked out with the latest features, these babies are heavy. It required a couple of burly guys and a lot of muscle and straining to push and pull these vehicles around the storage lot or boat yard and maneuver them into their winter berths. Then the recreational industry discovered DJ Products’ versatile TrailerCaddy trailer mover

Originally designed to maneuver large, heavy cargo trailers and trailered equipment short distances around factory lots and storage facilities, DJ Products’ versatile TrailerCaddy trailer mover has found a new fan base in the recreational vehicle and boating industries. Using DJ Products’ motorized trailer mover, a single operator can easily move hefty RVs and boats into place in RV storage lots and boat yards. Tricky maneuvering in tight spaces is effortless with the compact, ergonomically-designed TrailerCaddy. Move forward or backward smoothly from a full stop to 3 mph with a turn of the handy twist-grip control handle. Maximum operator control and compact size minimize potential damage to surrounding vehicles, even in tightly confined areas like stacked storage facilities, dealer showrooms, repair bays and trade show displays. Ergonomic design minimizes the risk of potential muscle strain, making it possible for a single employee of any size, strength or gender to move vehicles with equal ease.

Click here for complete information about DJ Products’ versatile TrailerCaddy trailer mover and to watch a video of the trailer move in action.

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