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Top Warehouse Injuries and How to Avoid Them

, Top Warehouse Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Warehouse Safety Can Be Improved With a Trailer Dolly

Warehouses can put workers at risk of being injured in several ways. Knowing more about some of the more common warehouse injuries can help warehouse owners take steps to prevent them from happening. From using a motorized trailer dolly instead of a forklift to making sure workers use protective equipment, keep the following in mind to improve warehouse safety.

Forklift Injuries

These industrial trucks are used to move pallets and other objects around warehouses and distribution centers. Forklift accidents and injuries can occur if these vehicles are operated incorrectly or when warehouse environments are set up in an unsafe way. Ensuring proper training for forklift operators, clearing obstructions in warehouses, and switching to trailer dollies are all ways to lower the risk of having forklift injuries occur. Keep in mind that forklift injuries can occur inside warehouses or on loading docks.

Slips and Falls

Warehouse workers can become seriously injured from falling on slippery floors or falling from heights. This can lead to fractures, head injuries, and other severe injuries. Having workers use protective equipment, marking slippery surfaces with signs, and making sure workers use ladders safely can help prevent fall injuries in warehouses.

Overexertion Injuries

Workers in a warehouse environment might put too much strain on their muscles and other parts of their body while lifting or moving items around. This can result in torn or strained muscles, injuries to connective tissue, sprains, and other injuries. Workers should know how to properly lift and carry objects around in order to reduce the risk of overexertion injuries.

Falling Objects

Having items stacked in an unsafe manner, such as being too high and unstable, can cause them to fall from shelves or other areas. This can lead to neck and head injuries if objects, especially heavy items, land on workers. Making sure products are stored and stacked as safely as possible can help prevent these kinds of injuries from occurring.

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